Founded in 1941, Mid-City Foundry experienced rapid growth in the late 1970s during a crushing attrition of domestic foundries, both large and small. Leveraging the company’s thin-walled and complex design expertise, Mid-City continued to grow throughout the 1980s and 1990s by focusing on the basics of cored casting technology.
With the increasing demand for more diverse alloys (alloyed ductile, High Silicon-Moly ductile, Ni-Resist), Mid-City quickly outgrew the Milwaukee facility. Requiring larger production facilities and improved machinery, Mid-City acquired United Division in 1990, a foundry located in Grafton, Wisconsin. Two other foundries were subsequently acquired and merged into the United facility.
The Milwaukee plant underwent extensive renovation throughout the 1990s and early 2000s providing for straighter lines of manufacturing and state-of-the art machinery and equipment. Production improvements included new melt facilities, full thermal and mechanical sand reclamation capabilities and new, improved core and mold methods. During this period, the United Division experienced steady growth as well, expanding to many times its original size in volume and capabilities.
Today, Mid-City Foundry is a financially secure company serving a wide range of industries and Fortune 500 companies. Our casting foundry ‘roots’, based on quality and craftsmanship, serve us well as we continue to produce high quality, complex and design sensitive castings.