Engineering & Design Services


Engineering and new job start-up processes are the front-end activities for the design and manufacture of casting components. Our experienced casting engineers provide critical data input, identify the requirements for designers and pull resources together with quality production capabilities and techniques.
Our ‘hands-on’ process addresses items such as:

  • Mechanical and physical requirements
  • Metal wall thickness and section transitions
  • Geometry and junctions of metal design
  • Identification of critical areas of the component
  • 3-D modeling capabilities provides for review of closely calculated casting design features and, when required, solidification modeling

Design Services

  • Use of solid modeling technology provides fast and accurate transfer of casting and pattern engineering design. Electronic files transfer casting designs to pattern designs with fast and accurate results. Shorter lead-times with lower costs and improved accuracy are some of the benefits of this technology.
  • Support engineering can offer solidification modeling which predicts metal flow patterns and validates castability of design
  • Support engineering offers technical support to assist design engineers with casting tolerances and material applications. Trained staff offers expertise in geometric tolerancing and process capabilities.
  • CAD technology speeds up the process from design to build through the use of solid modeling and inputs of casting design